Following the revelations that our research produced in South Yorkshire this is what the The CFO and CEO Mark Smitherman had to say about the Perceptions research:  

“South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue was very pleased with the outcome of our involvement with Fitting-in; as it says on their tin, “managers in the emergency services are the experts – What fitting-in can do is help managers to use their expertise” and Dave and Sarah worked very well with us to challenge imbedded perceptions and cultural history within the service during a very intense period of change within South Yorkshire. The result is a far more rounded and pragmatic collective understanding of where we want to be as an organisation – a challenging process, but very worthwhile.”

From this research we established the principle that often people believed they were doing their best but sometimes misunderstood the impact of what they were doing.

Fitting-in was invited to work in South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue in 2010.

The snapshot audit we produced there involved working with The Fire Authority, firefighters, middle, senior and strategic managers, and the FBU.

The report is published as Perceptions: what is believed to be true can become true in its consequences

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