What an awesome piece of work. It makes my two dissertations look like Janet and John books one and two. It is clear that your achievement of your doctorate was no fluke.

I see you made quite good use of Collinson who I found particularly interesting and helpful on my road to Damascus. The depth of your research, your observations and findings have for me emphasised the need for greater understanding about how the culture of the Fire Service works and in particular how white male, heterosexuals think and feel. A greater understanding within the Service might just help us properly tackle the issues rather than pay lip service. My fear, however, is that your work, like much that has gone before and your findings will create defensiveness rather than proactivity. For what it is worth, you have a champion in me. Whatever you decide to do with the research and whatever platforms you take it to (and you must) I would be pleased to help in whatever way I can. In the meantime I will be referring to the work you have carried out wherever I think it is appropriate unless you advise me to the contrary.

Congratulations on a courageous and daunting task exposing as it has the very real attitude within the Fire Service and telling a story that is long overdue.

Best wishes. 

Mick Howell 
Chief Fire Officer