In and around 2010 there was an interesting debate in Australia over an equality plan that was 6 years in the making (I had some early input on this). What made it particularly interesting was that the union ended up resisting the plan, and that after being issued it was withdrawn. Government Ministers were involved and the outcome was difficult for the equality workers in Melbourne to reconcile.

Melbourne’s equality action plan 

Dave Baigent’s response to the union article  provides links to relevant information

Fighting fires or fighting male hegemony  as a PDF comments by interested parties 

Interview with the president of Melbourne Fire Brigades who resigned in protest

from ABC

Statement on line by Adrian Nye ex chair of MFB – MFB an ‘intractably sick’ organisation. PDF

Online interview by Adrian Nye

Mr Nye says the core struggle is about control of the organisation. (MFB)

VIDEO: Bullying culture claims (ABC News)
AUDIO: Former MFB board chairman Adrian Nye explains why he quit. (ABC News)
MAP: Melbourne 3000
The former long-serving chairman of Melbourne’s Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) says he quit the board in disgust over the entrenched culture of bullying and unionism.

The age

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Sparks fly

Three reports by Sue Lewis for MFB 2004
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