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Use our cultural expertise to understand, improve and change your workplace culture. Specialists in masculine workplaces. Research, training and consultancy in all masculine workplaces including police and fire service with a particular emphasis on formal and informal cultures, modernisation, entreprenerial thinking, change management, resistance, racism, sexism and equality.   Women fire fighters, women in the fire service police, policing and equality in the police and fire service - the fitting-in website where academia and the fire service can meet to discuss fire service culture and other matters- a resource for research and consultancy for the fire and rescue service and firefighters and police and policing- Organised by Dr Dave Baigent this site provides a place to share and publish your own research, to look at what others have written about the fire and police service and to ask about our commercial offerings.


Academics are not the experts, managers are the experts but what fitting-in can do is to help managers to use their expertise.

Theory without practice is a waste - Practice without theory may just be dumb!



In support of workplace improvement Fitting-in freely publishes a range of articles on the fire and rescue services and some related workplaces.

If you have written something that is suitable then send it to us for other researchers to read.

If you are researching on the fire service, particularly for a formal qualification, then look at our library and ask us for help if you want it. This service is totally free and given because we wish to support people who are studying the fire service and develop the academic literature base for the fire service.


Fitting-in has a considerable understanding about fire service culture and we provide a research, consultancy and training service to work alongside the experts those leaders of the fire and rescue service who were chosen for their decision-making skills.

Cultural Audits :

We offer our expertise in understanding workplace cultures (particularly male workplaces). Specialising in research for all types of industries: our aim is to help managers to use their expertise by gaining improved understanding of their workplace culture.

Could your service stand a Snapshot Cultural Audit? Originally developed for the MFRS to help with their programmes for change

These close to the ground audits can be completed quickly and efficiently. For as little as £3,000 you get a pre-meeting with strategic managers to establish the area to be researched, three days of research by two researchers, immediate report back to strategic managers.

The discussions then feed into the written report (available within 7 days). This outside view on how your organisation is thinking at all levels comes with recommendations.

If you are thinking about making change or interested in looking at an old problem from a new point of view then perhaps we can provide research based assistance or a solution - contact us for an immediate response

Have you paid for an attitude survey and wondered what you paid for?

Elite Workshops:- are stand alone packages for authority members, strategic, senior and station managers and firefighters on a whole raft of areas.

Subjects covered include fire service culture(s), the employment of women as firefighters, change management, initial training.

These workshops have a primary aim of seeking solutions and will be customised to your requirements - they can also be used as team building days for your senior managers.

We also offer a workshop for people who are having difficulty in understanding how equality works and what diversity means; people who may need to spend some time reviewing their attitudes


If you have a number of people currently researching the fire service for undergrad or postgraduate degrees then fitting-in also offer assistance. We can visit and discuss with your group and even offer training packages to aid in their research and writing..

If you want to look afresh at an old difficulty, respond to something new or carry out an impact assessment, then ask how fast we can turn around our research in an efficient, rigorous and economic way.

Fitting-in can also cater for your traditional research needs and you may wish to tap into our expertise -  contact us to see what we can offer


We have experience in managing long term projects. We can also producing quick reports such as the national report we completed for the LGA within a ten week deadline, Fire and Rescue Services: Going the extra mile.

We can meet with your strategic thinkers about how they think the budget can be managed. Then we will facilitate a workshop based around our findings (their ideas) with a view to gaining a consensus on the way forward.  We can also meet with the trade unions, your workforce and feedback their ideas.

Further support will always be available through research and consultancy for any projects undertaken as a result of any work we carry out for you.

See more details and examples



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References: See what The Swedish Fire Service, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, Merseyside Fire and Rescue, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Fire Services, Swedish MSB and Tom Carroll (Past president of CFOA ) and others have said.

Fitting-in can provide a cultural audit that not only feeds back on attitudes in your service it also provides an outside view on how your organisation is thinking at all levels that is supported by recommendations for focussing change.This is what Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service had to say about the Ethos research, communications and training project:

"The Service are delighted with the research and reports produced by "Fitting-in. We believe that your original hypothesis and work undertaken in Merseyside has resulted in a ground breaking piece of work that can only serve to inform the wider fire and rescue communities." 

For further information or just to talk about what fitting-in can provide ring Dr Dave Baigent (FIFireE) 07802 495 329 or email

Academic theory without practice is a waste - practice without theory may just be dumb

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