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Social Science and society Goffman Powerpoint Reading Seminar
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The JOB 1
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The JOB 2

Module Guide    Students should buy Cartwright, R. (2002) Mastering Team Leadership. Basingstoke: Palgrave

The JOB 3 

Module Guide     Students should buy Miller, P. and Rose, N. (2008) Governing the Present: Administrating Economic, Social and Personal Life. Cambridge: Polity.

Equality Module
Dave's delivery 2009
Readings one and two, and browse the Powerpoint additional powerpoint
Readings Equality Action Framework    Fire Service equality plan and Powerpoint for 10th October
There are two very interesting articles available that critique the implications of equality at work in the Journal 'Work Employment and Society.'
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Social Science and society Goffman Powerpoint Reading Seminar


General Notes



Modernising public services

A really interesting piece on modernisation in Canada - could equally apply here in the UK

Targets are working say health watchdog - interesting piece which identifies how the doctors trade union takes a different stance to auditors.

Performance Management in Public Services

The characteristics of world class public services
Developing new approaches to empowering citizens.
Fostering a new professionalism across the whole public service workforce.
Providing stronger strategic leadership from central government.
Government strategy for public services 2008
Building Britains Future - new plans from the government June 2009
Government's Working Together website
Gordon Brown on working together
See what the Government mean by effective and efficient
Latest Audit Commission report on modernising the fire service
Fire Brigades Union on modernisation
FBU on audit commission
Students may be interested in this link to a radio programme on Targets - it would equally apply to the uniformed services as the HNS
As NHS targets fall out of political fashion, journalist Michael Blastland argues that they could be good for our health.
Targets, once seen by New Labour as the key to improving public services, look as if they may be on the way out. The devolved health services of Wales and Scotland have already retreated from their previous target regimes, the Conservative Party has pledged to scrap them in England and there are signs that some of Gordon Brown's ministers are losing faith in them, too.
Why then does Michael believe that there is still a case for targets?
Government Expenditure in Full
Government Expenditure Charts
The problems with public service
Ed Milliband speech on Public Services
Audit Commission
Fire Ministersets out her objectives


ReadRight presentation

Fire Service

Fire - Modernisation in brief
Fire - a brief history and critique of government modernisation
What is culture
Fire Service Culture
Fire fitting-in at the fire station
Fire Audit Commission CPA results for Fire and Rescue Services 2006
Fire Audit Commission on how they will carry out CPA 2007-9
One more last working class hero
Fitting-in the website on the fire service
This is interesting for the historical minded
Fire - National Framework (formal aims and objectives)
CFOA - Human Resource Management Document
Latest employment statistics (amended)and report from Fire and Rescue Service
Men Masculinities and firefighting: Occupational identity, shop-floor culture and orgnaisational change


Police efficiency tool
Jack Straw compares police services and suggests some are less efficient than others
Irish Police to 'support' strike
Performance and Measurement the 'Annual Performance Data' from the Home Office
Handbook of policing by Tim Newburn a really useful resource see the contents
Flanagan Report
Home Secretary's reply to Flanagan
Police Audit Commission on the Met Police
Police David Calvert Smith report on racism
The Metropolitan police have announced a new strategy for next week's Climate Camp – putting women officers in charge of the operation. Will this avoid the violence seen at the G20 protests?
Police could benefit from social science lessons
Current policing reports
Riot training
Police Oracle


Institutional Racism
Police- CRE report on Police Service
Police- Morris Enquiry
Department of Communities and Local Government Gender Equality Scheme
Diversity and equality targets and reports for police fire etc
Latest equality report on the fire service
Gender in the fire service a literature review
Reduction in Sexism in the military?
Excellance and Fairness in Public Services or here


Notes on a number of useful web-sources
Goffman explained
Posting an assignment
Bibliography - guide to how to produce one
Follow this link for a range of www sites on public services
Public Service Library online
Handbook Foundation Degree
Handbook BA Hons
Induction Handout on Leadership
Social rules - norms and values
Revenue and Customs structure
Plan of public service hierarchy


The Job 2 AG230009D Module Guide     public services need to provide managers who will follow the rules and yet have the skills to lead people who may have no desire to change
Lecture 0900-1000
Semina 1000-1100 and 1200-1300
Presentation due on 3-12-09
Written assignment due on 25-1-10
Assignment Guide
Notes on criteria for marking
Notes on preparing a presentation
Week 1
Leadership an overview
Reiterating the position on formal and informal cultures
Powerpoint week one
Week 2
2 Reading for week two (ACPO and others)
Look at the introduction to the course book Cartwright, R. (2002) Mastering Team Leadership. Basingstoke: Palgrave.
Powerpoint week two
Week 3
3 Reading week three (Classic models of leadership Doyle)
Powerpoint for week three
3 Handout Classic models of leadership
What sort of leaders are we the Blake and Moulton Questionnaire
Week 4
Police Julian
Powerpoint Police service leaders and performance management
Week 5
5 Reading for week five (HR Policy)
5 Second Readiing informal resistance
5 Powerpoint Human Relations Management
Week 6
There are two readings this week about John Adair and it would be an advantage if you looked up Adair in the index to the Cartwright book and read the pages listed
Reading one
Reading two
Handout week six (Adair)
Powerpoint week six
Week 7
7 Reading for week seven (Mayo)
Handout week seven Mayo
Powerpoint week seven (Mayo)
A critique of Mayo's Hawthorne Affect
Week 8
8 Reading for week eight (Maslow)
8 Handout week eight Maslow
Powerpoint Maslow
Maslow's Theory
Week 9
9 Reading week nine (stormingformingnormingandperforming)
Second reading week nine (it is only short and contains some important points from me)
9 Powerpoint Storming forming norming performing dorming re-forming and adjourning
Week 10
10 Week Ten we are recapping and reviewing presentations
Read through the readings given out this semester
Briefing note on storming forming and norming could be useful for assignment
Week 11
Week Eleven Presentations
Week 12
Looking at the assignment


Week 13
Looking back - Looking forward
Leadership an overview
Week 14
Something short on firefighters' and bonding
Police groupthink
Fire Service groupthink
Powerpoint groupthink
Week 15
Reading masculinity
Powerpoint masculinity
There are some further readings for those who have an interest in this area
Additional reading masculinity
Some further reading masculinity
Additional powerpoints to consider one two
Week 16
You should ensure that you read last weeks readings on masculinity and then read this work by Connell
and this Some further reading week nineteen masculinity
Powerpoint feminist theory
Week 17
Continuation of masculinity, discrimination and culture theme
Week 18
The lecture this week is on Belbin follow the link for the reading
You may also be interested in a a reading on police culture that provide you with some very good examples of how difficult (if not impossible) it has been to change the way the informal culture in the police operates.  Although McLaughlin does not talk about an informal culture it is easy to identify this in what is an important piece of reading.  Contact me to get a copy
Some details on local police and fire control and funding - will be useful for assignment
Powerpoint Belbin
Week 19
Paoline 2 
power point
Week 20
Read these two reports
Ethos one
Ethos two
Powerpoint ethos one
Powerpoint ethos two
Week 21
We continue with last weeks theme - read the reports above
Week 22
Follow the link to the following and read (if it doesn't work go to the elibrary and look up the authors/book/chapter
Comparing the motivations of suicide bombers to public servants - there is a short precis of last years results
Week 23
Week 24
Roundup of module
The Job 3 Module Guide
Lecture 0900-1000
Semina 1000-1100
Presentation due 8th January 2010. This is a Public Service Conference and it is a module requirement that all students must attend for the whole day (starting at 0900)
Written assignment(s) due on 25th January and 11th May 2010
Notes on preparing a presentation
Week 1
Friday 25-9-09
This week includes an overview of where we are going with this module and then engage with the issues: namely Government and public services, democracy and work (industrial democracy), the role of the trade unions, representative bodies and managers organisations,
Reading for week one   Harris, L. (2005) 'UK public sector reform and the “performance agenda” in UK local government: HRM challenges and dilemmas
Department of Human Resource Management, Nottingham Trent University Business School, Nottingham, UK ', Personnel Review 34 (6): 681 69.
Draft Powerpoint
Question for seminar
Week 2
Friday 2-10-09
Read and note the introduction to the course book Miller, P. and Rose, N. (2008) Governing the Present: Administrating Economic, Social and Personal Life. Cambridge: Polity.
Powerpoint week two politics, democracy, theory and public service delivery
Week 3
Friday 9-10-09
Why does government modernise and where does this leave the individual - reading
Additional reading Fire Service Modernisation
Week 4
Friday 16-10-09
Re-read last weeks reading and make more notes on it
Week 5
Friday 23-10-09
Julian Ideology and Politics
Message from Julian This weeks reading is available outside the room on the filing cabinet from Wednesday
There are three power points from Julian covering his sessions on politics political ideology and public service political ideology and police reform post war politics and a reading list
Week 6
Friday 30-10-09
Julian Ideology and Politics
from previous year (Class consciousness Ideology Ideology notesPolicy politics and public service Post War Politics)
Week 7
Friday 6-11-09
Julian Ideology and Politics
Week 8
Friday 13-11-09
Julian Ideology and Politics
Week 9
Friday 20-11-09
Employees and their representation - Government and the democratic mandate - Public Service Managers 'supporting' government agendas -
This week we are going to talk about the work and role of the Fire Brigades Union and the FBU Regional Secretary for this area is going to talk to you about his work.  There are four reading - these will give you a general outline of what the FBU does and provide a referenceable resource.  For further details visit the FBU website
Reading One Matt Wrack on modernisation
Reading Two FBU on the latest Audit Commission Report
Reading Three  Matt Wrack on budget cuts
Reading Four  FBU on the increase in firefighter deaths
Reading Five FBU on the Bunsfield Oil Depot Prosecutions
Reading Six a whole host of information posted to the FBUtube site
Today's powerpoint
Powerpoint from Tam McFarlane   
Week 10
Friday 27-11-09
This week the Police Federation
Reading on police federation
Key Facts on Policing
Policing in the 21st Century
Irish Police to join picket lines
Week 11
Friday 5-12-09
Read this if you need a reference point for your assignment
This week we start at 0800 to review students draft presentations
Mark Sheet for presentations
Government strategy for public services 2008


Week 12
Friday 12-12-09
There is no lesson today but a workshop on assignments
Presentation due 8th January 2010 in Helmore 201 (Conference Room).
This is a Public Service Conference and it is a module requirement that all students must attend for the whole day (starting at 0900)
Week 13
Becasue students gave up time during the vacation for their presentations there is no lecture this week.
Week 14
The whole two hours of Friday is a workshop - there is no lecture in the traditional form.
Workshop Thematic Review of Policing (2004) students should read and note at least pages 1-52 of this report with a particular emphasis on pages 28-52.
You should attend with your notes on these pages so that you can participate in the workshop.
Ideally you will have skim read the rest of the report.
The report can be found here
Lecture notes (summary) on the review here
Any student who has difficulty in accessing this should contact me asap
Week 15
Continuation of workshop on policing this involves you reading pages 52- 108 of the Thematic Review of Policing
Week 16
Continuation of workshop on policing read pages 109 to the end of the Thematic Review of Policing
Week 17
This week we look at the Government's reply to the policing thematic review - you will need to read and note the first four chapters of the following report - Green Paper on Policing
Week 18
Parliamentary Committee on Policing - Report  one Report two and Government's response
Week 19
Audit Commission report on fire service
You may also wish to read this for the assignment or your dissertation
Men Masculinities and firefighting: Occupational identity, shop-floor culture and orgnaisational change
Week 20
 It may be that these two reports are useful for the assignment
ethos one
ethos two
Week 21
Return to Miller and Rose
Week 22
Power point on reports
Week 23
Presentations and essay preparation
Week 24
Essay preparation


2010 Workbase Learning 1

About the module
Module Guide

Reflective Practice and Belbin
Ethics: University and BSA guidelines and advice
Reflective Practice and Belbin
Bev Gold guest speaker on the social reality of mental illness
Chris Smith guest speaker National Occupational Standards in the Police
Reading for this week to be read before the seminar
Student Presentations
Student Presentations
There are no workshops today students will be observing WBL 2 presentations
Options for placements at level (WBL 2) to be discussed
Assignment Workshop
Assignment Workshop
The Job 1
Week 16 power point
Week 16 Reading
Week 10 reading fitting-in this is a long reading but its content will serve you throughout the whole degree - try to read as much as you can.
There is also this reading which you will find useful throughout your course
Powerpoint fitting-in
Week 9 reading Maslow
Powerpoint Maslow
Handout for Maslow
Week 7 reading
handout week
fire service hierarchy
additional reading if you want to know more about the fire service
Week 2 reading powerpoint    
PowerpointPowepoint on researching for workbased learning
Action PlanDo not forget your action plan is due to be handed into the icentre by Friday 6-2-09
Lesson PlanTeam Roles Questionnaire
Powerpoint BelbinCulture powerpointSymbolic Interaction