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Theory without practice is a waste - Practice without theory may just be dumb!


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Workshop Four: Understanding the culture

Whenever something goes wrong in the fire and rescue service people are quick to blame "the culture".

Often that assumption is right. But what do you know about "fire service culture?"

You cannot touch, see or visualise it. "Fire service culture " is a phenomenom that managers need to understand if they are ever going to change it.

For the FRS to move on it needs a better understanding of how formal and informal cultures work.

Two examples of the workshops we offer – these and other workshops are customised for your service


One-day research guided briefing workshop on leadership and cultural change

Briefing 0900-0945: Fire service culture: an overview of this ‘unique’ phenomenon.

Discussion 1000-1045: What is there to understand about fire service culture?

Briefing 1115-1215: What does re-reading Mayo and Maslow teach us about understanding cultural resistance – what have the consultants missed?

Discussion 1215-1300: How can re-reading Adair’s concept of action centred leadership offer further understanding of working with the unique characteristics of fire service culture.

Lunch 1300-1400:

Briefing 1400 -1445: Setting the scene – feed back seminar

Seminar 1500 until you go home: Putting the theory to practical use – implementing organisational core values with firefighters – how might leaders actually achieve change?


One-day research guided briefing workshop on working with women firefighters

Briefing: - 0900-0945: Looking at the data: women firefighters - their profile, age, education, previous employment, reasons for joining, promotion aspirations and a lot more.

Discussion: - 1000-1045: What are the opportunities?

Briefing: - 1100-1145: Spoiling the opportunities: Men at work: fire service culture as a barrier to diversity – what is happening, to whom and when.

Discussion: - 1200–1300: What can we do: a list of opportunities, including data and analysis on what women are saying about their managers and the FBU.

Lunch 1300-1400

Briefing: - 1400–1445: Setting the scene – feed back seminar

Discussion: - 1500 – until we go home. Stopping the drip: using the evidence to provide the answers


Workshops as a lever for change

Workshops are offered as an intense one-day package. Should your officers need desk time or benefit from a less intense two-day delivery, then this is also available. These workshops offer a real opportunity to seek answers to very real problems from informed debate: they will also improve the way your team work together. For more information visit , email or ring 07802 495 329


Theory without practice is a waste - practice without theory may just be dumb.


Importantly for change and efficiency to be really embedded then the informal culture needs to be wedded to the formal culture not act as a pocket of resistance.

For example have you ever wished that you could stop the way that newcomers seem to fit-in with existing customs and practices and forget much of what they offered when they were interviewed for their job?

Are you aware of the complexities at work when women join - how the informal culture operates against their presence?

This workshop is for everyone in the fire and rescue service who needs a briefing on fire service cultures. More importantly the workshop can be designed specifically for you to find outcomes on how to first understand fire service culture and then to work with it.

The whole workshop is research lead and sets out to improve understanding of how informal and formal cultures operate alongside each other - sometimes paralleling beliefs and at other times operating in antagonistic relations.

Particularly suitable for Authority Members and all staff who wish to improve their knowledge of how "fire service culture" works - ideal for those preparing for their ADC's