Academics are not the experts, managers are the experts but what fitting-in can do is to help managers to use their expertise.

Theory without practice is a waste - Practice without theory may just be dumb!

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Snapshot Audits

OUR argument is that it is difficult for an organisation to study itself: there are too many agendas at play and whoever does the research is always subject to internal pressure because they are part of the politics of the organisation.

Fitting-in offers an outside view by two researchers with PhD level experience of researching the fire service, plus over 13 years of very real and grounded experience from working with managers, firefighters, support staff, politicians and the FBU.

We look at old problems, new ideas and your culture - We provide fully supported answers and analysis, and can work with you on implementation.


Why not try a Snapshot Audit to look at an existing problem or a plan for the future?

First we will meet with you discuss your needs and agree our research plan.
If our plan is accepted then for around £3,000 our snapshot audit allows for two researchers to provide three days of research and an immediate verbal report back: a written report follows in seven days.

Our research team have PhD level experience of the fire service and of post doc experience of researching in the fire service

Email now for further details or ring on 07802 495 328 to chat to Dave about what we can do for you.

Examples can be provided from our work in Sweden, Merseyside, South Yorkshire, Local Government Association, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire. We have also carried out research in Australia.

We also have extensive knowledge of training and we have produced a national audit of training in a national audit of initial training in England and a report of research following a group of trainees through their initial training.

We also work with other organisations but to date this work remains confidential.

Although our research is based on academic standards we do not live in an ivory tower and we are not 'long on rhetoric and short on answers'.


Fitting-in provides nut and bolts results that can be actioned by the experts – those managers chosen for their decision-making skills who deal with the thorny issues on the ground.



The team have offered their work at LGA annual conferences and working groups, in individual fire services, to representative bodies, to Standing Committees of the House of Commons, to the DCLG, at the fire service college.

Dave also has a very real experience of working in the fire service for over 30 years.




Dave Baigent's thesis 'One more last working class hero' was the first substantive cultural audit of the fire service.
This thesis was quickly followed by a commission to culturally audit training centres.
Following this came 'Sunrise' a national audit of training centres and this provided an in-depth examination of current training and provided some powerful arguments for a new approach to help provide the type of firefighter that the fire and rescue service argues it needs.
Since then Dave has carried out other work but much of this remains confidential.
One major success was the first snapshot audit in Merseyside and this lead to further research and two reports Ethos and Ethos Two
Snapshot Audits are a new way of finding answers, testing ideas or revisiting an old difficulty
Dave has written extensively on fire service culture and presented at a range of national and international conferences.
Who better to talk to than Dave or Sarah if you think a cultural audit will help you - ring now on 07802 495 329 or email